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And welcome to the Wikispace where you can share and enjoy stories written by and for teachers and learners of French, German, Spanish and Italian.
At the last count, we had 86 Storybird creations, contributed by 30 different authors in 4 different languages.
Many of you will have come across this wiki via Twitter, where Storybird has been a sensation. However, as everyone who tries to create a Storybird in any language but English will have discovered, we cannot make our stories public so we can easily share with fellow enthusiasts.
Mark Ury, one of the founders of has told us he is well aware of our frustration and sympathises. However, they are still a small organisation and simply do not have the resources to moderate Stories written in languages other than English.
Feeling frustrated and knowing how fun, inspiring and useful I find others' Storybird creations, I set up ‘MFL-Storybirds’ to overcome the problem. The people at Storybird are working on a solution and in the meantime have given their blessing to this Wiki.
How to share
· When you have written your story and saved it, you will see ‘Send to a friend’ option at the top right of your cover page.
· Send the story to yourself at your own e-mail address.
· The e-mail you receive will contain a little .jpg of your front cover and a special private URL link to your Storybird which you can then share with others.
Adding to this Wikispace
· You can become a member of this Wikispace and add the story yourself at the top of the appropriate page. Add the .jpg of your story's front page with a link to its URL. Please tweet to let others know you’ve added a story, if you’re on Twitter.
· You can e-mail ( ) or tweet me (@wizenedcrone ) and ask me to add it for you. Just send the private URL and leave it to me!

Digital Stories using other Web 2.0 Tools

. Jackie Berry's (@rubiales62) MFL-Digitalstories wikispace is a developing collection of stories using a range of web 2.0 tools including StoryJumper, Little Bird Tales, Zooburst, ToonDoo, DomoAnimate and more.
. Browse the site as a guest to see examples in French, Spanish, German and Italian, or join the wiki to add your own.

Thank you! ~ Merci! ~ Danke! ~ ¡Gracias! ~ Grazie!
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