Storybirds auf Deutsch
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Zähl mit mir
9 bis 0

by Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
My first German Storybird! A counting story for Halloween in German. Count backwards from 9 to 0 and then look for the Halloween objects in the previous pages.
Very simple!
Meine Zukunft
by Beate Bowler
Lisa talking about her immediate future and her future plans.
by Julie King
Winter im Wundertal. A snowy adventure.
Julie has written this story in the imperfect tense and has added her own touch of magic to my own favourite artist's illustrations. This story would be suitable for preparing students to create their own extended writing for GCSE grade C and above.
Es gab einmal . . .
by Christopher Evans
An introduction to invitations and responses.
Christopher's first Storybird is a pretty and magical tale written at quite a demanding level. Suitable for learners about to start GCSE or already following a GCSE course.
I hope he contributes another one soon.
Meine Weihnachts-geschenke
by Helena Butterfield
German story to practise the perfect and conditional tenses.
By talking about what gifts her characters received last year for Christmas and what they hope to receive this year, Helena has created a lovely example story which pupils can use as a model for their own work.
Thank you Mrs B !
Was gibt es in deiner Stadt?
Dominic McGladdery
What is there in your town? Uses the dative and accusative case in German.
Perfect for teaching your pupils how to talk about their local volcano . . .
Letztes Wochenende
Fiona Joyce
Rambling story about last weekend
Practises the perfect tense and word order after a time phrase.
Was trägst du?
Dominic McGladdery
German story about clothes and accusative adjectival endings.
But of course, these aren't your standard people or your standard clothes. Suitable for all learners ready for this grammar point.
Was ist dein Lieblingsfach?
Dominic McGladdery
School subjects in German.
Noch eine bezaubernde Geschichte. Du bist so kreativ Dominic! Herzlichen Dank.
Wie ist das Wetter heute?
by Dominic McGladdery
Storybird using simple weather phrases, spiced up with follow-up phrases.
"Ich spiele gern in Pfützen" is my favourite 'add-on' phrase in this story which creatively takes the reader just a little beyond the usual weather basics.
Wo wohnst du?
by Dominic McGladdery
Asking where you live in German and answering using dative prepositions.
Dom's on a grammar roll at the moment. I, for one, really appreciate it, because I always need more weapons in my grammar armoury.
Meine Woche
by Dominic McGladdery
Short story to show the verb as the 2nd idea in the sentence.
We can never have enough resources to demonstrate this grammar point, which learners can struggle to grasp. Thanks for another good'un Herr McGladdery.
Isst du gern Käse?
by Dominic McGladdery
Asking what foods you like in German.
Dominic is just so good at this! Another really appealing story which explores several ways to talk about what one likes to eat. I personally *love* the word 'ekelhaft'.
Hast du Haustiere?
by Sarah McCarthy
A simple story about pets.
Thanks to Sarah, who has woven the indefinite article in the accusative case and some simple adjectives into her story about pets. Write another soon!
Unsere neue Freunde
by Fiona Joyce
A story to increase learners' vocabulary for describing people. You might need a dictionary for one or two words (I did...)
Was wirst du in den Ferien machen?
by Rosemary Hicks
A sweet little story to practise the Future Tense.
Ideal for students learning this grammar point for the first time. Thank you once more for your contribution Rosemary :o)
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Mein Abenteuer
by Rosemary Hicks
Very advanced grammar and structures from Rosemary here. Thank you for sharing your linguistic prowess!
Perfect for very good learners at KS4.
Was ist los?
by Dominic McGladdery
An introduction to illnesses in German, suitable for all learners.
What an imaginative matching of picture to illness! Brings a smile with a killer punchline....
Warum gehst du in die Stadt?
by Dominic McGladdery
Simple 'um' and 'zu' clauses. Dominic is especially good at using a limited range of language very creatively.
This story would probably be appropriate for any German learner from their second year of learning onwards.
Meine Tiere
by Simon Howells
Branch out! Why must all pets be cats or dogs? Plenty of farm animals here.
Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?
by Dominic McGladdery
Present tense story which is an effective way of enlivening the introduction of hobby phrases and vocabulary.
Bist du laut und launisch?
by Dominic McGladdery
Add complexity and richness to personal descriptions with this deceptively simple story. Even the Y11's love the artwork.
Was soll ich machen?
by Dominic McGladdery
Creative practice of the modal verb 'sollen' through advice-giving -> -> Du sollst nicht rauchen'!
Siehst du gern fern?
by Dominic McGladdery
Do you like to watch tv? What might you do instead? Uses both 'gern' and 'lieber' structures and other structures learned during KS3 to make a charming and detailed story.
Wie siehst du aus?
by Dominic McGladdery
Personal descriptions - but animals! Fab way of showing learners what they can do with a limited vocabulary. Very creative.
Die Farben
by Rosemary Hicks
Colours as characters. The German here is quite complex - a challenge!
Mein Haus und meine Familie
by Rosemary Hicks
A lovely story for intermediate German learners about a quirky house and family. A good example for GCSE German students to consider in their Speaking Test.
I love this artwork too, it's new to me.
Fisch und Katze
by Dominic McGladdery
Short and simple story giving and asking for personal information.