Storybirds by Language Learners

If you would like to contribute a story by a language learner, we'd love to read it. Please add a detail or two about where the student is learning and how long they have studied that language. Thank you !

LA FORME! on Storybird
La Forme! by Ryan
I am very proud to say that Ryan, who wrote this story, is one of my own pupils. Ryan is in Y10 and is not very confident of his French. But he has sat down and carefully used the materials I gave him and created this story about healthy living. I have given him a Excellent Achievement Award and told him that if he keeps up this standard of work, a GCSE pass is well within his grasp. Don't you agree?

F. Joyce
Le dragon de ciel
by KabreK9
I don't know a lot about the young author of this atmospheric story, except that he is a boy and he is only NINE !! I think he may be Canadian. Perhaps he'll tell us a little about himself?

What a lovely piece of story-telling and thank you very much for sharing it with us.

This is my son! His name is Kabre. He is so excited to see his story here. He has been attending French Immersion school since Kindergarten but switched to an English school this January. His teacher has allowed him to keep up on his French skills by writing this story.
Yes, we are Canadian. We live about 1 hour's drive North of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.