Storybirds en Español
Here are our Spanish Storybirds. If you would like to read the story, just click on the picture! If you have any difficulties, make sure you are signed in to Storybird first.

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¿De dónde viene el yak? by Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
A book about where animals come from, including some information about each of the animals in Spanish. Suitable for cross curricular use. Info from
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Contar conmigo en Halloween by
Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
A counting story for Halloween in Spanish. Count from 0-9 and then hunt for Halloween objects in the previous pages.
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La vida sana by Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
A story in Spanish about healthy lifestyles, incorporating what you should and shouldn't do, some frequency phrases and a funny ending!
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A veces toco un instrumento by
Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
A slightly more complex book about playing musical instruments written in Spanish. Uses TOCAR + Instrument and adds a frequency phrase to each sentence e.g. Toco el piano a menudo; canto los lunes.

Intended to link to KS2 QCA unit Yo soy músico
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Me gusta la música by Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
A very simple book about playing musical instruments written in Spanish. Uses TOCAR + Instrument
Intended to link to KS2 QCA unit Yo soy músico
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¿Cómo te sientes hoy? by Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
Talking about how you are feeling using ser, estar and tener.
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TENER by Lisa Stevens aka Lisibo
A short book of phrases using TENER+ adjective in Spanish. Shorter than intended as it was an experiment using illustrations by various artists and I couldn't get the image bank back when I returned to complete the book :o(
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Un Libro de Animales by robeanne
Present tense, adjectives, animals. Please feel free to inform me of any errors!
Un Mal Día by RhHa
Someone's having an awful day!
Gregorio el gato
by Laurie Dunn
The life and times of a cat called Gregorio.

Oh dear, my Spanish grammar is too old and weak to tell you exactly what this story is good for practising. But even I know it's written in the past. But is it the preterite or the imperfect? You and your students will know and you can follow Gregorio's adventures right to the end.
Señor Dunn y la clase 8B
by Laurie Dunn
Un día en la vida de Señor Dunn

I really like how Laurie has used Storybird here to talk to his class. By adding individuals' names, he has made it super-engaging, drawing his students in.

I'm definitely making a class and lesson-specific Storybird for this kind of starter next week. ¡Muy cool!
Me gusta mi familia by Alayna Grady
My Elementary Spanish I students are learning the family vocabulary. This was a thrown together story to introduce to them as an extra credit option. I am also using this in my English Basic Grammar class.

I am telling my LAH Division all about the storybird and how wonderful it is!
¡ Hace frío !
by John Connor
« ¿Qué hacen los animales en el invierno? Vamos a ver...

My first attempt, just to see if I could! »

Thank you to the eminent John Connor for his contribution to this wiki. Much appreciated!
¡ Tengo mucha hambre !
by Clare Seccombe
The blue monster is hungry and wants to eat someone. Which one of his friends will he eat?

Likes and dislikes for primary and secondary learners, expressed in the context of food.
I personally think this is one of Clare's best yet. The story builds up irresistibly and rhythmically to the perfect conclusion. Just like all the best stories!
¿Cómo te sientes hoy?
by Dominic McGladdery
My first Storybird in Spanish (says Dominic) - he acknowledges the support and guidance of Clare Seccombe on this one!

How do you feel?, asks the Storymaestro. Once more, the killer punchline which school-age Spanish learners will love.
¿Lo sabías?
by Clare Seccombe
Did you know all these strange facts about animals? Are they true?

Some frankly barmy assertions about animals from Clare! Fun, fun fun.
Mi Familia
by Barbara Harper
A Spanish story about family members, describing physical appearance and characteristics
This is Barbara's first contribution. It will fit the bill perfectly for able learners in their first year of Spanish or as a revision tool to introduce family and descriptions in greater depth for those in 2nd year of learning.
I'm looking forward to more stories from Barbara!
Me encantan los animales salvajes
by Clare Seccombe
All about opinions of wild animals.
Practise the structure 'me encanta(n)...', along with opinion words and lots of new vocabulary for wild animals. ¡Muchas Gracias, Clare!
¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?by**Lisa Stevens**
A story in Spanish about free time activities - written in the first person.
Written for beginning learners of Spanish, Primary and Secondary levels alike. A charming match of language to picture. Thanks, Lisa!
¿Qué veo?byClare Seccombe
This is for learners of Spanish who are finding out about nouns and gender, and discovering how to use a bilingual dictionary. This shows them how they can be creative with just a little language.
Aimed at Primary learners - KS2.
by Clare Seccombe
For beginners in Spanish who are finding out about nouns and gender, and who are going to begin learning about plurals.
Aimed at Primary learners.
by Clare Seccombe
This is a lovely story which shows how well a dialogue can be created even with simple basic Spanish
¿Cuántos años tienes?
by Clare Seccombe
This is a short story to practise saying how old you are and asking someone their age. Also introduces 3rd person "se llaman" and "tiene" as well as 1st person plural "tenemos" to encourage thinking!
Los Colores
by Clare Seccombe
A way to introduce colours, particularly suitable for Primary Spanish learners
¿ Qué dices ?byClare Seccombe
Inspired by "What do you say?" by Mandy Stanley, one of Clare's daughters' favourite books. Helps children to learn animal names and sounds. For ages 7-9 years.
Los Colores
by Lisa Stevens
A very simple Story about colours in Spanish. Now you have two colours stories to choose and use. Yay!
¿Qué tiempo hace?
by Lisa Stevens
What's the weather like? A simple story in Spanish.
Mis amigos muy raros
by Lisa Stevens
A Spanish story about Eduardo's friends who are all a little out of the ordinary.
¿Cómo te sientes hoy?
by Lisa Stevens
A story in Spanish about feeling happy and sad, angry and confused.
Los animales
by Lisa Stevens
Animals in Spanish with lots of lovely adjectives to describe them.
¿Qué voy a hacer hoy?byLisa Stevens
A much more complex story: "What are we going to do today?"
La Princesa
by Fiona Joyce
My solitary Spanish story so far. A simple story of a Spanish princess using language you would expect to find at KS2 or after a term of learning at KS3.
Carlotta, Gazpacho y ...Juan by Anne Robertson
My first Spanish Storybird
Un cuento en espanol sobre una chica, un perro y un chico....
mi familia.jpeg
Mi Familia by Robeanne
A story to explore language around families, possessive adjectives and adjectives.