Modern Foreign Languages Storybirds

Saturday 26th February 2011
No-one could accuse me of over-blogging . . .
Here are a couple of Storybird bits and bobs I have posted elsewhere on the internet.

  • First of all, a Slideshare presentation called Storybird for Linguists which I prepared for a Show and Tell last year:

  • I have also blogged about a hack for embedding Storybirds back in November 2010. To read it, click here.
Sunday 28th February 2010
Welcome to a new stream of visitors
It doesn't take a lot to excite me and I really was very excited to learn that this collection of Storybirds was mentioned in the BBC Active Languages Newsletter (No. 92). This is sent to around 7,500 Languages Teachers bi-monthly. The news led me to investigate this part of the BBC website and join their Language Teachers' CommunityLanguage Teachers' Community - I'm looking forward to becoming involved in discussions and finding new information, resources and ideas. If you came here via the BBC, welcome! If you haven't joined the BBC's Language Teachers' Community, why not check it out - we are all looking for new ideas, aren't we?
Saturday 20th February 2010
Using multiple artists' work to illustrate your story-telling
I don’t know if you noticed, but when I’ve read the contributions to this wiki, I’ve suspected that some people knew how to use artwork from more than one illustrator in their stories. I couldn’t work it out and was too shy to ask.
THEN, Jamie Forrest , a French immersion teacher from Saskatchewan, added her fabulous story “Petit Pingouin et les états de la matière” (Read it here). Then I knew it could definitely be done.
Jamie kindly explained how:
· Choose your first image from the tags in Section B, of the Create page (for example ‘exercise’). · Click on the option ‘Start a Storybird with the images marked exercise’) · Write your first page, using one of the images on offer · When you want to add a new idea, type your key word onto your page in ENGLISH (e.g. ‘dance’) · A whole load of new images will swim into view and add to your choice of pictures and you can delete your English tag prompt and write whatever you like · Every time you want a further choice of pictures, just type in a new English-language key word.


Saturday 20th February 2010
Full-page layouts and multiple picture sizes

Storybird are working all the time on adding new features. The latest? Full-page layouts and multiple size options for artwork. They've started with selected artists' work and will add more in the future. Read Mark Ury's story to get the whole picture ...

Wednesday 10th February 2010
We're being talked about!
Thanks to Lisa Stevens (@lisibo to her Twitter friends) for the great mention of this wiki on the Birmingham Grid for learning: BGfl . She's added it into her great list of news, links and resources for Languages teachers. I recommend you take a look for some fabulous ideas, tools and sheer inspiration.
Sunday 7th February 2010
Write a story for a friend
Have you ever thought of writing a Storybird as a gift for a friend? After our new French exchange friends returned to France at the end of this week, I wrote this story as a token of our new friendship and to help the French students add to their colloquial vocabulary.