Storybirds in Italiano

A new branch has grown for our Storybirds to perch on! Click on the picture to read the story.

Un Natale ideale...
Un Natale ideale...

Un Natale ideale...
by Sarah Ferretti
The Conditional in Italian
Dominic McGladdery
Simple greetings in Italian.

Dominic is flexing his linguistic muscles and has written this beginner-level story. As ever, he's made the very most of a relatively small amount of language. Grazie mille, Signor McGladdery!
Il tempo libero!
by Simon Howells
Free time and leisure activities in simple Italian

Thanks to Simon for helping this wiki to branch out in a whole new language.
Come ti senti oggi?
by Italian4Me
A little story about feelings and fears.

I am sad to say that I don't know the real identity of the author of this little Italian-language story. All the same, thank you very much for your valued contribution!
Tanti amici colorati
by Sarah Ferretti
Lots of colourful friends!

Colours, adjectives and negative form.