Storybirds en Français

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Quand il fait du vent...
Quand il fait du vent...

Quand il fait du vent...
John Connor
What do you do in different types of weather?
Qu'est-ce que tu vois, petite fée verte?
Qu'est-ce que tu vois, petite fée verte?

Qu'est-ce que tu vois, petite fée verte?
by Jackie Berry
For young students of French who are discovering nouns, gender, adjectival postion & agreement. This example shows how to create a story from a basic structure & a small amount of language.
Chut! Ne dis rien à Maman et Papa! by Carla van der Kleij
"The true story of a pretend superhero. Or . . . the pretend story of a true superhero. Just a test run before I ask students to try this inspired programme."
Carla is a now-retired French teacher from Toronto, who recently discovered and was enchanted by Storybird.
This is a great story for more advanced French learners - it has the present, perfect and future tenses, plus the subjunctive and conditional. There are also lots of great idioms. But the best part is the excellent match of story to pictures.
Highly recommended!!
Le weekend dernier était un peu bizarre! on Storybird
Le weekend dernier était un peu bizarre
by Carolyn George
"Using the Perfect Tense to write about a very strange weekend. Hoping to encourage my pupils to be creative."
This story sparkles with life and fun. Just enough familiar vocabulary and names to draw pupils in, but challenge them at he same time. Thank you very much Carolyn.
Qu'est-ce que je pourrais faire ? on Storybird
Qu'est-ce que je pourrais faire?
by Fiona Joyce
Practice of the conditional tense with some less-frequent verbs in there. Suitable for Y9 or KS4.
Because it's my own story, I've been able to embed this one, so you can read it directly by clicking on the image without going to Storybird.
Le père Noël, les cadeaux et les gâteaux
by Esther Mercier
Perfect perfect tense practice!
Esther has presented this story from Father Christmas' own point of view. We also hear about Fabien, who is almost unnaturally good. Wait until the end to discover the secret of le Père Noël's big tummy.
Le temps qu'il fait
by John Connor
Sometimes the weather can affect the way we feel...
A gorgeous weather story, with lots of conditionals mixed in with it. Merci beaucoup John :o)
Qu'est-ce que je pourrais faire samedi ?
by Helen Roberts
This is Helen's first Storybird. It's a lovely linking of between text and picture, making grammar much more palatable. Please write some more and share them with us, Helen.
" A story for my Year 9 class, to put modal verbs into the conditional form. "
Pippa a peur
by Mark Purves
Smartboard version

Pippa is going on holiday. She wakes at night scared of what the night and a new day brings. Until she thinks of the people and the things she loves ....
Uses the Present and Perfect Tenses plus the structures avoir peur de and penser à
So charming, thank you Mark and please write again soon!
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Quand je serai grand...
by Simon McLoughlin
A first creation from Simon McLoughlin. Thank you and I hope it's the first of many.
A little story giving some different scenarios about what might happen when "je serai grand." Question for the reader at the end.
Si seulement . . .
by Fiona Joyce
An epic 16-pager using the Conditional.
You may find it useful when introducing this grammar point.
Bonjour la Classe!
by Joanne Pickering
Joanne has prepared this as part of setting a homework task for her Year 7 French beginners after about 3-4 weeks of learning.
Les Jeux Olympiques et La Paix.
by Toni Theisen
Inspired by the wonderful story "Les Sports d'Hiver" by Lynne Horne, my students and I have created a story about winter sports and the lesson of the Olympics.
Que faut-il faire pour garder la forme?
by Fiona Joyce
A dense story about healthy living and staying fit. Aimed at KS4 pupils preparing for coursework or speaking presentations. Watch out, there's even a subjunctive or two.
J'ai ...
by Fiona Joyce
A story to practise use of the structure 'avoir' + 'chaud', 'froid', 'besoin' etc. in French.
Intended as a summary of this structure for students in their 3rd year of learning onwards.
Petit Pingouin et les états de la matière by Mme Forrest
This is a book written to reinforce some of the concepts from the Saskatchewan's grade 3 Properties of Matter unit. It talks about solids, liquids, and gasses. It also talks about the changing state of water.
Les Sports d'Hiver
by Lynne Horne
Very topical in this Winter Olympics year, Lynne has written a story about Winter sports.
Suitable for Y7/Y8 (1st or 2nd year of learning French).
Merci Mme Horne! :o)
Où habites-tu?
by Joanne Pickering
"This is a short story written for a year 7 French class. I have used familiar and unfamiliar language. The homework will be to read it, write a list of new words and then write their own book"
A really densely-packed Storybird, which will challenge the reader. Great summary of what students have studied to this point.
Thanks Joanne for sharing your first Storybird with us!
Mon zoo extraordinaire
by Marie-France Perkins
Une visite dans un zoo pas comme les autres.
Marie-France has raised the bar magnificently, with a rhyming story full of fantastic verbs and nouns.
Suzi Bewellsays:
"Wow what an amazing story - I am going to use this to practice pronunciation with Y10 ........ Creative genius Madame Perkins."
Es-tu bruyant et grincheux?
by Fiona Joyce
A translation of Dominic McGladdery's "Bist du laut und launisch?"
Quelle Semaine!
by Fiona Joyce
A long-ish story which practises adjective endings, negatives and adverbs. For yrs 9-11.
Julie et les animaux
by Fiona Joyce
Julie and her aunt try to decide which is the best animal. Owes more than a little to the wonderful 'Dear Zoo'. Plenty of unusual vocabulary.
Les vacances
by Fiona Joyce
What will we do in the holidays? Practice of Le Futur Simple for KS 3&4.
Bonjour! Un Storybird pour Année 7 à CHS
by Simon Howells
Simple greetings, translated from Clare Seccombe's Spanish original.
Moi et mes copains
by Saira Ghani
"My first attempt. Very basic vocabulary covering names, ages and birthdays. I wrote it for my Year 7 class at the beginning of the year."
Ma famille
by Saira Ghani
An introduction to a quirky family in French; uses personality adjectives. Another great story from Saira.
Les couleurs en français
by Dominic McGladdery
A fun introduction to colours in French with the lovely extra sparkle Dom and Storybird add.
Qu'est-ce que tu as?
by Dominic McGladdery
Basic French story asking "What's wrong?" and some basic French replies. As I myself said: "Absolument charmant M. McGladdery. Je l'ai beaucoup aimé."
by Dominic McGladdery
Personal descriptions in French. Another imaginative example of making the most of a small amount of French.
Qu'est-ce que tu as fait pendant les vacances?
by Dominic McGladdery
Practising the Perfect Tense (Passé Composé). Fun inspiration for learners to go on and create their own extended writing.
Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire ce soir?
by Dominic McGladdery
Simple use of the future tense in French
Comment es-tu?
by Dominic McGladdery
Quoting from Clare Seccombe's review about this triumphant gallop round personal descriptions: "J'adore! You are truly the King of Storybirds, Dom ;o)"
Qu'est-ce que tu portes?
by Dominic McGladdery
Clothes and colours in French. Clothes matched to occasion. Charming.
Mes Amis les Monstres
by Barbara Cheded
I am really pleased that Barbara has come across our Storybird wiki. She has contributed two stories. This is the first - a monster story in French using colours and adjectives. Written for 7-9 year olds.
As-tu un animal?
by Barbara Cheded
Barbara's second contribution: a simple story in French to help teach the position of adjectives. Written for 7-9 year olds.
Mes amis favoris
by Val Mcintyre
A little book in French about some odd friends. Your younger learners of French could use this to guess cognates, practise reading it and then write a version for themselves.
Rose by Anne Robertson
an experimental StoryBird - probably a little nonsensical as it is my first and created late at night when I really should be asleep!
Fifi by Anne Robertson
L'histoire d'une petite fille et sa copine
2nd attempt - more focussed this time - aimed at my Yr 9 students at the end of their first year of French. Following reading this I set them to write their own storybirds - will add those at some time too.
Qu'est-ce que tu as fait le weekend dernier? by Andy Cottiss
A first Storybird attempt designed to inspire my Y8 pupils to try their own and get to grips with the perfect tense.

Les Aventures de Buddy, Le Lapin

By Nhaveein Devaraj

My first French Storybird.
This Storybird is about a Bunny, named Buddy who explores the woods. He meets lots of animals. He even constructs snowmen. When, Spring comes,
Buddy is really happy and has so much fun.
Join Buddy on his adventures through the woods.
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire? on Storybird
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire?
By Andie Bueno